Songs of the Machine

by Colonist

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This epic progressive metal debut is out now!
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released June 1, 2017

Emil Kaukonen - Vocals
Jasper Karhunen - Guitar & backing vocals
Emil Lindqvist - Guitar
Jonas Holmström - Bass
Viktor Finnäs - Drums and percussion

Mixed by Alexander Björkqvist
Mastered by Jamie King
Album art by Lukasz Wiktorzak
Logo design by Linnéa Nordblom
Special thanks to Svenska Kulturfonden

All music and lyrics by ℗© Jasper Karhunen/Colonist.



all rights reserved


Colonist Turku, Finland

A progressive metal band hailing from Turku, Finland.

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Track Name: Metropolis
Our City of Stars drowned in the fire
Metropolis won, now nothing remains
We hoped for a while that we could forget
Annihilation of the earth

Into the dark we wander
Under stars of sin
In the silence the ghosts come haunting

Waves are drawing near
And the city sleeps
Impending sacrifice of hope
And no one remembers us

Hold on to the flame
The cinder is dying
Wait for the world to fall asleep
And slowly fade away

Worlds far apart
Bleeding like an
Open wound
How could we start
When half the world has
Gone insane

Out of the wastelands
Came the word
There’s death for me and you
And from the ashes
Of all that was
A life of solitude

Behold the miracle
Your new home
Atonement for your sins
Step inside and
Settle down
Let the city swallow

Stare down the streets of Metropolis
And the dead will dance in the rain
No one can help you get over this
The city calls you again
Track Name: Songs of the Machine
Listen to the songs they said
lest the world should end
Just bow your head
and let the world run its course my friend
What we built is what we have

From a distance you could see your planet fall
From the clock tower everything you touch is gold

But on the factory floor it’s all the same
The apathetic mass with no name

There is no masterplan and no choice
when the cracks appear on the screen
When the cogs and hands become toys
a threat to your machine

Wherever you will go
the sounds will find you
and follow you back home
Forget the Gods above
Human shapes form against the sky
Life on Earth
what is it worth?

Can’t you hear
Songs of the Machine
A godlike melody
Eating your dreams
Leaving you down and drained
Feed the machine
and be the enslaved

Stand in line and
watch them build their lie
You would sacrifice and close your eyes
on all the pieces that die
to live mechanic lives

Watch it turn from side to side
It only wavers for a while
Watch it break from time to time
We are not forever

In circles we will turn
so we don’t move at all
To circles we return
and never move at all
We never move at all
Track Name: Seventh Wave
Lashed our chains wide across this wasteland
the world we tamed
Broke the knees of Atlas beneath us
the Earth enslaved

We are the light, knights of the new world
Man-made gods
With our hands we tied mother Gaia
we stole her soul

After dark
we dance in the ruins
Our laughter will die
with the dawn

In the Seventh Wave
the dusk will come our way
We join hands again to help destroy
another world of man

Drilled beneath the skin of Earth Mother
siphoned veins
Sing the mantra of the reactor
we feed the flames

We are the sin, kings of a dead world
Blood red skies
The promethean fire in our hands
The ashes grow cold

After dark
we hide in the ruins
Our kingdom will fade
with the tide

In the Seventh Wave
the dusk will come our way
We join hands again to help destroy
another world of man
As we wander through the wasteland
and the rivers have all run dry
Leaning at the edge of the world
hand in hand we’ll die

We are of the wicked
We are of the sin
The children of man
Track Name: Helios (I Am the Sun)
I am the Sun
Heart of your universe
I am the Sun
The idol of your world

I am the Sun
False preachers sing my name
I am the Sun
Watching your suicide play

Cherish the flame,
come darkness
The cardinal sin,
No empathy

Bleed for the Sun
Puppets are all I see
Weep for the Sun
Your world is black to me

All embers die,
come darkness
In the remains,
a Colony

Sleep in the fire
None of this was built to last
Dream of a world that never dies
Old and tired
Trip the pendulum again
Dream of a castle in the sky

Welcome the wind, welcome the wave
Come better days
Welcome the wind, welcome the wave
And breathe the change

Imagine all the light in the universe
Streams of life below the faceless Gods
One by one they fall forming starless skies
One will still be small
two can still survive
Track Name: Oblivion
From cycles old
To cycles new
We chase the stars
And dreams of truth
Fallen gods
And there's no way home

Deep breath
We learned to close our eyes
And forget the storms so far from our lives
Out of reason the flock parades on
We sharpen our knives, misled and alone

Beneath the sun
A dream of oblivion
We're fencing shadows as we run

From cycles old
To cycles new
We chase the stars
And dreams of truth
Fallen gods
And there's no way home

Dream back
Return to fantasy
A piece of Eden in your memory
Isolated the fiction lives on
You're leading the blind, the new hand of God

Washed on the shore
Dreams of a world before
All human motion needs a storm

From cycles old
To cycles new
We chase the stars
And dreams of truth
Fallen gods
And there's no way home

Wash away the memory
Let it wither and die
Track Name: Englassed
Dancing off the rooftops
Untainted snow
A hundred flakes surround a
weary man

Hour after hour
Worlds pass him by
Wishes to see
to feel
afraid he can’t

Stares into the white
Untarnished globe
The cracks appear a
draft sweeps through

Closer to the light
Warming his face
Steps right into a
dark and desolate

Tired of the bright blue screen
the impeccable
The sounds of the soothing dream
begin to tick away

In the wake of the dark
a dull state of mind
The reverie of taking time
comes crashing down

Chained by the thought
of consequence
The glass holds me

Forced to the apex
the body stays alive
The soul breaks before too long
driven past the line

Remote existence
a hollow part to play
A retreat from this collapse a
soul sealed in the glass

A lullaby of innocence
sleep without dreams until dawn
A stain of blood across my face
Reluctant to breathe at all

How could I help you
I can’t help you
How could I help you
When I cannot help myself
Track Name: Crown of the Drowned King
Hazel eyes and bleeding knees
fingers deep in the sand
Reaches deeper, the young one’s hand
grazes death and a friend

Salty trails run down her chin
still the anger subsides
Numb and empty from all the lies
and all the wars with no end

Now come the echoes the warplanes sing
the carpets dance in the sky
The broken pictures of worlds gone by
a life she shut deep within

Born at the heart of calamity
with roots that hail from the war
An empty vessel that hits the shore
without a life to begin

In the darkest of aeons
a world out of hand
Collective decisions
just lines in the sand
Here come the waters
and the bodies we have ignored
The fortress did nothing
and now the sea is flooding the halls

You preach the fear
The toxin fills their ears

Now they are barking like hounds
Water-mouthed creatures who feed upon the earth
Now they have gathered around
to listen to your words

The dream is medieval
Your walls are make-believe
A play for the people
loud enough to deceive
Defending the border
the soldiers of a fictional war
Come to trigger a slaughter
the blood inflames the horde

Born out of isolation
and the ghosts in your head
Distorting the bigger picture
and the heart of the dead

Face down in shallow water
where the kings have been drowned
The chaos is our creation
and we carry the crown

Lands of the sun gods
corrupted, battered and burned
We are the barons
the regents of the Earth
Track Name: Blacklight Domain
What became of all the men
wandered the barren lands
Lost in deserts of before
where the blood turns to sand

Lethean needle of regret
a human overdose
Shake the silence of the past
anything to ease the throes

the first frost of winter claws
at the hearth of my mind
a weak ember against the pain
sends ghosts dancing across my face

the threads seem so eager to break
a web of memories die
Mute are the dead and divine
I can’t stop the tides of time

Welcome to Blacklight
Fragmented memories
Back home in Blacklight
we live eternally

the river of souls will speak
with the voice of the dead
Walk alongside the shades of death
we promise to never forget

Dream away the starlight
Dream away the night
Come close and find us
under black city lights
We are forever
We are not alone
This is our domain
You must learn to let go

Dream away the daylight
Dream away the glow
You don’t belong here
you must let us go
For all unreason
all the souls that died
You can’t relive us
You must walk through the fire


Can’t face the dark black roots of my world
Sleep in the fire, flames swallow my words

Return to Blacklight
A shattered memory
Far home from Blacklight
A sense of clarity


I left the dark black roots that bound me
Rose from the fire, ashes to set me free

Return to Blacklight
The gates are closed to me
Far home from Blacklight
No one lives endlessly